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Xtox; environmental toxicity consultancy

Located on The Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Servicing the South East Queensland locale
including Northern New South Wales 
(and further by appointment/arrangement)

Xtox is a unique environmental toxicity consultancy focussing upon the quality of indoor, residential and commercial, and other built or contained environments. We assess environments for an array of toxicity factors that can harm health.

Xtox seeks to be the market leader and primary Australian independent private authority in indoor environmental toxicity evaluation and optimization. Utilising unique technical solutions to toxicity metrics, we provide better health to Australians.

Xtox environmental analyses can include;

Xtox electromagnetic radiation environmental assessment
  • electromagnetic radiation, RF/microwave to 10 GHz
  • electromagnetic radiation, RF/microwave to 23 GHz (optional) analysis
  • electromagnetic radiation, RF/microwave to 50 GHz (optional) analysis
  • electromagnetic radiation, LF/magnetic – electric, DC & upwards
  • Chemical (/other environment) analysis including general formaldehyde readings to 1ppb
  • Total Volatile Organic Compounds assessment
  • Ionising Radiation assessment of air or materials; also specifically Radon (& daughters) air analyses
  • Particulate 1,2.5,10 micron air quality analysis
  • Evaluation of readily assessable building materials; boroscopic (key hole cable mounted camera) evaluations available
  • Assessment of personal, cleaning, pesticide etc. chemicals used in specific environment
  • Environmental Mould Analysis (evaluation of conditions such as humidity, thermal insulations and building sealing, HVAC, material moisture and other building factors). Air and surface testing.
comprehensive building materials analyses

Xtox building, renovation and development services can include;

  • Analysis of building material SDSes / TDSes and HPDs
  • Analysis of non-disclosed “exempt” toxic materials that may nevertheless be present; what is being missed or not disclosed?
  • Evaluation of multiple chemical exposure synchronicities that may occur which can magnify toxic agent effects.

xtox evaluates domestic/commercial cleaning products
Xtox evaluates domestic/commercial cleaning products for poisoning potential, and consults towards the use of non-toxic alternatives


Xtox Certification and Accreditation

Xtox can provide certification to toxicity standards that is useful for the real estate buying and selling marketplace. In arenas such as developments and hospitality, Xtox toxicity accreditations of specific room groups or whole-of-building accreditation can give hotel operators the market edge in a population ever more sensitised to the necessity of having a clean environment, whether by preference or necessity.

Xtox; environmental toxicity consultancy
Xtox; environmental toxicity consultancy

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