Restore Your environment, Restore Your Health

Imagine a home that you can just live in, without concern for what is going to next provoke your body into sickness. Xtox works with you and/or your health provider to optimise the chances of this becoming a reality.

Canaries in the Coalmine

A well known phrase. Canaries are equally well known as a sentinel species, indicating toxicity in the environment.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity? Universal Reactor? Asthma? Allergies? Autistic Spectrum Disorder? Cancer? Electro-Hypersensitive? Autoimmune disorders? And other chronic conditions… You might just be a sentinel of environmental toxicity…

You are not alone! These conditions are not with us purely because of genetic factors… cutting edge functional medical practitioners and real health practitioners understand that there are a host of epigenetic factors–and hence environmental factors, that modulate the expression of chronic disease. Most of these conditions are increasing in prevalence, indicative that something environmental is going terribly awry.

Diagnose your Environment

It’s a toxic world. Mankind’s irresponsibility with chemicals in the environment has created an ever-more chronically ill population. Those suffering from such chronic diseases fill the waiting rooms and institutions of the “disease-care” industry.

If the human body and immune system can be seen as a bucket from which we slowly fill with toxins until the vessel tips over, you might be the canary in a coalmine with a “full bucket” of an immune system, experiencing toxic effects, fast and strong. Or you might have been diagnosed with a chronic condition that similarly puts you in a very high need-to-know circumstance in relation to your environment’s toxicity.

In a way, your sensitivity might be doing you a favour, alerting you to harm being done before it is too late. Of course, that is small consolation for the suffering experienced, unless you can do something about it.

That’s what Xtox is about!





 Xtox can assist you because we help you and/or your chosen health care practitioner to find elements of the environment that can be causing you (or your loved ones) bodily harm. The possible avenues of toxicity are multiple but the effect of ill health is the common denominator; and the need to get to the bottom of what is causing the toxic environment, so as to alleviate symptoms and suffering, becomes paramount.


What we do


Our environmental assessment is as all-encompassing as we can make it; from electromagnetic radiation through to chemical and biological factors that you might be exposed to, we comb through your environment to find out what might be exacerbating the condition(s) at hand. This is a critical part of your path to restored wellness;. Without addressing environmental factors, you my be fighting your disease with at least one hand tied behind your back.


xtox measures the home, office or automotive environment for toxins via state of the art measurement devices  


  State of the art measurement devices are used to assess your environment for the invisible and yet harmful things that may surround us



We model our environmental consultancy on the best practice complementary activities of well known overseas functional & biological medical practices such as the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland. (Please read this article transcript from Dr Thomas Rau, which illustrates how important it is for these practitioners to include environmental evaluations for their oncology patients.)


Biological Medicine & Xtox's raison d'etre

The theme of Biological Medicine is to understand what is keeping the body from healing itself and to support the body’s regulation capacity. At the center of this respectful approach is the appreciation for cellular regeneration. In disease conditions this must be addressed by considering toxicity factors that alter health, and work against the body’s ability to heal.

“From what I see, anybody who’s got a chronic inflammatory disease, has a problem with EMFs. Even if they don’t realise that. That’s what I was trying to convey at the autoimmunity congress… trying to alert the physicians that when somebody is taking a drug which is no longer working the way the physician would expect, or doing a therapy which is no longer working, the physician must start thinking in terms of EHS and electrosmog… it affects sleep, it affects behaviour, it affects cognition; all of the things that an EHS person would be very familiar with, are affected to different degrees in different people depending upon exactly what their disease state is and what their microbiome exposure is. Not only a difficult pill to swallow but also a difficult thing to reverse.” 

Professor Trevor Marshall Ph.D., BE, ME

Transcribed from an interview, 2018 , (sources available upon request)