Xtox Healthy Home Certification: A new tool for selling homes!

For some sellers, there may be certain facets of a property that make it harder to sell. For example, it has been shown that certain infrastructures near a home, such as electrical transformer stations, high voltage power lines, mobile phone towers, and so forth, can have a detrimental effect on both the ability to sell a home, and its price of sale.

This is where an independent third-party source of information on the specific characteristics of the property can be very useful. Sometimes, we have been called to inspections where the nearby phone tower was the suspected culprit in high levels of internal radiation, but our assessment found it was actually easily controlled internal sources that were the cause of the indoor ‘electrosmog’. In another case, a property widely seen as being compromised due to nearby high voltage power lines, was in fact shown to not have any significant low frequency magnetic fields intruding upon the occupied zones.

Hence, a Healthy Home Inspection for your property listing might well be the reassurance needed to put the buyer’s mind at ease, in otherwise difficult circumstances that would make buyers uncertain and compel them to look elsewhere.

Please note that our Electromagnetic Radiation Assessments are based upon cutting edge levels informed by the bioelectromagnetic science and functional medical experts/ activist scientists, not the standard government/WHO radiation protection standards, the latter which are sometimes perceived as purely obfuscational and agenda-driven.

Important Note about Xtox Certifications

An Xtox Healthy Building Assessment / Certification is in no way intended to be a substitute for a standard home building inspection, and does not elaborate upon the same things as a home building inspection or pest inspection.

It is recommended that if you have a standard home building inspection booked, that you co-ordinate both inspections at the same time so that Xtox can discuss building characteristics with the home building inspector, so as to maximise the usefulness and insight of the building assessments.

Use Xtox to increase the value of your listing!

Assessment and Certification of Environmental Toxicity Levels

xtox home toxicity audits help sell a clean home 




 Xtox home toxicity certification helps to sell a healthy home.

A strongly trending awareness is developing in the minds of consumers regarding the health characteristics of homes. Internet podcasts and summits on the subject are swelling in both volume and popularity, and major green standards (such as the United States Green Building Council’s WELL building standards), are scrambling to embrace the new focus. No longer can buildings be good enough by being just “green” for the environment; they must also be healthy for the internal occupants.

In fact, some specifically very eco-green designs have ended up suffering from “sick building syndrome”, and these design mistakes have required complete (and sometimes costly!) revisions for reinstatement of habitability. This highlights the new awareness of the consumer marketplace, and the need to address indoor air quality and other health concerns in our built environment.

It stands to reason that you can sell a home for more if the property has increased value in the mind of the buyer–or win a successful sale over a home listing that does not offer such assurance.

Xtox provides a unique edge for the listing by providing a site toxicity evaluation and certification. A home that features low toxicity gives the added benefit of the reassurance of good health for its occupants. Obtain this for your listing with a certification of low-toxicity from Xtox.

Xtox healthy building evaluations and certifications can include;

  • Building, foundation, HVAC and home design elements evaluation
  • Internal space Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Levels
  • Internal space Particulate Levels; 1, 2.5 and 10 micron
  • General Indoor Air Formaldehyde Levels
  • Specific Item Formaldehyde Testing to 1 part per billion accuracy
  • Microwave (GSM-5G) and Millimetre wave (5G) Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation Levels
  • Magnetic and Electric Field, Low frequency (AC power) Electromagnetic Radiation Levels
  • Surface and/or air Mould Analyses
  • Structural Moisture Analyses

 These elements of certification can be ordered separately or altogether. Inquire about savings to be gained with our package deals.

When the property demonstrates low toxicity features, these shall be included in an Xtox certificate, which will include a detailed explanation of the results and their meaning.

xtox home real estate certifcations of low toxicity

Of course, it is possible that poor results yielded in an Xtox test across one or a number of factors that we test for in our analysis of the home. These can often be remediated with simple actions as recommended in the Xtox evaluation, enabling the sellers to feel confident that they are truly passing on a healthy home, or one that is readily made so, to the new purchasers.


  The added benefit of an independently assessed, low toxicity characterisation of a dwelling makes a property easier to sell, and gives your listing the edge over its competition.

healthy home, healthy family

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