Xtox measures electromagnetic radio frequency microwave radiation to a very detailed extent, using state of the art spectrum analysis that is sensitive to a manufacturer claimed -170dB of sensitivity. Laboratory equipment indicates that in practice, this figure is at least 90dB.

This means that our assessments are more than sensitive enough to complement the latest research which indicates that the human microbiome may be sensitive at a far greater level than the human cell, at around -90dB. Of course, this may be crucial since the microbiome is critical to life, and some experts believe that all illness stems from disruptions of the microbiome.

Our equipment includes both spectrum analysis and broadband meters, all engineered in Germany.

Our standard measurement includes broadband analysis from Dc to 8 GHz.

Our extended measurement includes broadband and spectrum analysis from DC to almost 10 GHz.

Optional high range microwave measurement can be requested, to take the assessment through to 23 GHz, or even as high as 50 GHz+.

Xtox; environmental toxicity consultancy


Xtox; environmental toxicity consultancy

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EMR Spectral Diagnosis.

The comprehensive readout from one of our high frequency spectrum analysers in action.