Electromagnetic Radiation Block Barrier Window Film Self Adhesive

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Xtox offers a low cost, economical approach to shielding your windows from external EMR/EMF/RF radiation, whilst offering great performance and attenuation. For a fraction of the price that you will be charged for this type of radiation blocking window film elsewhere, you can apply this to windows and protect your family from what is without question potentially harmful and toxic sources of emissions. See for a large meta-analytic study explaining all of the science that indicates that we need to be taking this kind of radiation and its health effects much more seriously than is presently, commonly done.


Assessed Blocking Range: E Field (electric field) DC – 4.4 GHz (higher frequency attenuation is also performed)
Visible Light Transmission: 34.5% fairly light film
Colour Properties: offers a mild blue-silver tinting effect
Method of Installation: Self adhesive peel-off backing, attached to windows as per any standard window film
Special Handling Requirements: Non other than as per standard film, handle with care to avoid kinks, folds, or other damage



EMR EMF Electromagnetic Radiation / Field blocking window film. Effective blocking / faraday caging of windows without the exotic pricing!


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Please note that the sale price is meant so that this product is non-exclusive. We realise that even at the standard price this product is well below that of any other EMR blocking window film on the market. However, it is subsidised, so that hopefully all that need it have access to it. We at Xtox believe that having a non-toxic home or workplace free of the toxic radiation intrusion from the outside world, is simply a human right.

Product Sales Admin, Xtox