The Mosquito Slayer. STANDARD (non-CO2, upgradable later). Zero toxicity buzzkill for mosquitoes.

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The mosquito slayer catch is comprised of mostly female mosquitos and/or midges. It’s zero toxicity buzzkill for mosquitos. Advanced female targeted mosquito breeding cycle breaker. Standard product, upgradeable later to carbon dioxide attractant.

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Xtox Mozzkill, the buzzkill for mozzies.

Xtox Mosquito "BugSlayer" targets the female mosquito with pinpoint accuracy for a mozzie free environment.

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Six to seven weeks for a profound change with the breaking of the breeding cycle. That's what the Mosquito Slayer produces. And it's equally effective with midges.

The Mosquito Slayer is the most advanced mosquito killer on the market. This product has every possible practical lure for the female mosquito, created in the best possible ways. We have used the science of entomologists to develop the best possible solution to the many devastating effects of mosquitoes. The Slayer employs;

(1) A special array of visual and heat attractants that look enticing specifically for the female mosquito. Once you realise that the female mosquito is the mosquito that (a) bites and (2) propagates the species by laying eggs, then you realise that she must be the target that matters. Killing the males all day will not break the breeding cycle, or the biting. The males behaviour is different to the females and they are attracted to different lures, and the BugSlayer is a specific lure designed for the female.

ULTRA VIOLET LIGHT pure UV generated by LEDs is not hampered by any UV absorbing bezels, and patterned UV lighting is specifically designed for the female mosquito.

Multiple LED light sources are electronically patterned and diffused through a longitudinally arrayed series of prisms. It's a lot of trouble to implement, but given the science on the matter, it is exactly what is needed; and it only exists in the BugSlayer. The lighting is as close as any unit gets to mimicking what the female mosquito looks for in the host that she feeds upon.

INFRA RED LIGHT Or heat radiation, controlled by an electronic circuit to create the variability in heat signature that the female mosquito is drawn towards.

A mosquito trap that does not present our scientifically proven methods of attraction, will often fail in the effort to attract females. Female mosquitoes know to avoid many traps, which present to her an unnatural, non-dynamic light and/or heat signal, that often glows too bright or hot and hence unnaturally. The males may be (literally) sucked in by the light and heat display, but the females are smart enough to know to give the light or heat source a very wide berth, and consequently will not be caught, or caught with a much lower efficiency than that which is presented by BugSlayer.

(2) A moisture source; this acts as an attractant at two stages in the female mosquito cycle, which gives the BugSlayer another edge in breaking the breeding cycle.

(3) Sound. The unit uses the sound of a feeding female mosquito to further attract specifically females to the trap. Science has discovered that the female uses her sound to indicate to other females that a feeding source has been found. Her evolutionary sense of survival tells her to make this noise, for strength in numbers means diminished chances of being killed by the food source.

(4) Various attractants.

This standard model BugSlayer can be upgraded later to employ carbon dioxide attractant.

There are two models of the BugSlayer; the advanced model uses carbon dioxide in order to attract the female. This standard model can be upgraded to do so later.
We use swappable carbon cylinders to feed the unit with carbon dioxide; another "method" sometimes employed is using titanium, but this is not viable because it really requires a 20 x 5 foot piece of titanium in order to produce enough carbon dioxide to attract effectively, the way that our our CO2 canister based product does. A unique worldwide patented regulation method mimics the human/animal breath like no other system.

LACTIC ACID Employed into the water that drowns the female mosquito, this is also a gender specific lure for the female mosquito. This is an additive placed in the water tray.

OCTENOL: Naturally, it's the product of cows when they exhale; this is also a strong attractant for female mosquitoes, and is used to best effect in the Slayer. Octenol is an additive placed in the water tray.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 400 × 25 × 30 cm

State of the art series 4 mosquito bugslayer Standard Model, upgradeable to carbon dioxide attractant system.


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