XTox Remote Home Tower Radiation Report

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Evaluate the radiation exposures from cellular phone towers in your area with an XTox Remote Home Tower Radiation Report.



XTox evaluates the situation of your home remotely! We provide an high frequency microwave EMR emissions focused report for your home (or other area of concern). Evaluating a number of commercial and institutional databases and high resolution mapping of terraforms, xTox provides a picture of what is happening with tower based RF electromagnetic radiation at your specific location–anywhere in Australia, and sometimes internationally as well (contact us to find out if we cover your area).

Simply purchase a report and provide your exact address, and we’ll do the rest. It’s a relatively detailed analysis that will provide visual maps, distance measurements, and extrapolated data for all towers within roughly a kilometre. Any impacts of other towers over 1 km that may be of significance are also considered. The report also provides any critical data from the respective tower(s) emission statements. Contains data on what exactly is going on at any particular tower: 3G? 4G? 5G? What frequency? We’ll tell you in this report.

XTox Remote Home Tower Radiation Report

Summer Special Low Price $65.00  $50.00 AUD

An evaluation and written report (supplied electronically in.pdf format) based on remote acquisition of data on the Mobile/Cellphone Tower environmental EMR sources in your environment. Delivered electronically in .pdf format.
Subject to the usual xTox terms and conditions of assessments and consultation as available on this website.