Detox your World

You may have a healthy lifestyle; be eating organic, drinking fresh/filtered fluids, getting enough exercise and sleep; but this may not be 100% of the picture. Environmental toxins, invisible to the senses, may be sabotaging your good health.

 Xtox evaluates your home (or office, or even your automotive environment) so that you & your loved ones have the opportunity to thrive in a healthy, non-toxic environment. 

Pool Evaluations

Swimming Pools and spas. Historically linked with toxins such as chlorine and bromine, they are not necessarily healthy places to be.

Xtox can consult upon new systems and technology that can pave the way to a cleaner swimming and spa experience–and at the same time, not break the bank. Much more pleasant than standard chlorine and even salt-water chlorinated pools, novel poolwater and spa management systems or methodologies can offer a more mild effect on your skin and hair, with less odour and substantially reduced chemical toxicity burden for your body to bear.

Don’t you owe it to yourself and your family to have the best and healthiest swimming/spa experience you can?

Is your water supply X-tox?

One of the most crucial parts of your healthy lifestyle is a water system to remove the possibility of toxicity entering your body via the water supply. Big cities or rural off-grid sources of water can both have their own shortcomings when it comes to obtaining pure water. Even bottled waters from stores can represent toxicity problems.
Let Xtox evaluate your situation and your goals, in order to optimise your family’s water intake.

Diagnose your environment

We evaluate the biological, chemical and electrical environment that you are exposed to in order to assess what health assaults may be occurring without your conscious knowledge.

 With the exception of our in-house mould analysis (or contracted third party testing for specialist evaluations), assessments are typically accomplished with immediate, on-site data from which to engage in a consultation session. Xtox in-house mould analyses are completed soon thereafter, giving you a complete, written picture of the environmental factors that might have you fighting with one hand tied behind your back.

In today’s toxic world, an Xtox environmental assessment is an important part of your efforts to responsibly maintain the utmost potential good health for you and your loved ones.

Xtox analyses the big three hazards that can present themselves in an indoor environment. 

Chemicals Analysis

Our world is filled with tens of thousands of chemicals, and science is only skimming the surface of understanding how damaging these chemicals might be; However, we do know there are many carcinogens (and other harmful outcomes) from exposure to many of these materials.

Xtox surveys your environment and gives you insight into hidden hazards that may be harming your health. These could be in your home building materials, your furnishings and fittings, your kitchen, cleaning and personal products, your pools and/or spas, and even your food and water supply,

Mould Analysis

Biological agents such as mould can be harmful to otherwise healthy individuals, and devastating to those who are already health compromised in some manner.

Xtox evaluates your home for the presence of mould growth that may create  significant problems for your health.

We also evaluate the home to gain knowledge of the major precursors to mouldy conditions, that can turn a previously healthy home into a sick building. Catching these causes before they become problems is highly cost effective and can potentially save you a fortune in costly post-infiltration remediation.

EMR Analysis

Electromagnetic Radiation. You can’t feel it, see it, touch or smell it, but it is affecting you, because we are almost uniformly exposed to a sea of “electrosmog” in our midst. Scientists have been calling out for many years for governments to tune the exposure standards to the reality of what the science is saying about the potential harm from various forms of EMR. Some governments have responded, most have not.

Don’t leave it up to bureaucrats to define whether you will be exposed to harmful materials or not. Organise an Xtox evaluation today.