Detox your world with Xtox
Detox your world with Xtox

Xtox seeks to maximise the health of Australians by minimising the toxicity of their environment.

We evaluate the health or toxicity of an indoor environment with a three-pronged approach;

  • Chemical Analysis of Environment
  • Biological/Pest & Mould Analysis
  • Electromagnetic Radiation Analysis

Think of us as diagnosticians of the environment!

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According to the US EPA indoor air may be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outside. And we tend to spend around 90% of our time in indoor/enclosed spaces. Unhealthy volatile organic compounds that permeate our modern environment have been linked to serious disorders such as Alzheimers, autoimmune disorders and even cancer.

We may be using essential oils, and focussed on healthy food, water and exercise… but what unseen hazards are you being exposed still to?

Xtox provides a window into this world of hidden harms.