Xtox Certification and Accreditation

Xtox Certifications and Accreditations are uniquely developed in-house, designed to address inherent toxicity issues in products, methodologies and end products that have not yet specifically been developed into industry codes of practice. Of course, just because these metrics have not yet been codified by industry or state, does not mean that they cannot serve a crucial role in protecting indoor occupants from potentially harmful sources of toxicity. Protecting hotel patrons or customers from toxic products makes good business sense, as the consequences of not doing so can be very expensive.

The world is waking to the harm of embedded toxins, ubiquitous in the products that we use today. Enormous legal cases recently occurring, such as the case of Monsanto being held liable for glyphosate causing cancer, or Lumber Liquidators non-compliant formaldehyde flooring debacle, are just two diverse cases that show how toxic products can cause a major problem, not only for end-users but also for the companies that supply such products.

Selecting a building materials assessment from Xtox means that you are ahead of the game, and that you have attempted to move beyond the letter of law and call of duty in order to protect your customers from the possible harm that is represented by a gigantic torrent of potentially toxic chemicals, now declared by industry as present in many products and component materials that are common in today’s marketplaces. Shifting rules and regulations between manufacturing and importing nations can heighten the chance of significant mistakes in product orders being made.

Healthy Home and Healthy Office Certifications

Healthy Home and Healthy Office Certifications are designed to give the purchasers, buyers or new tenants of a property the confidence that, on the metrics that Xtox examines, there is a certain performance standard being met, which is quantified or qualified in the situation-specific certification itself. These evaluations pertain to the “big 3” factors discussed on this website.

Xtox can provide certification to toxicity standards that are useful for the real estate buying and selling marketplace, as a low-tox property, in a buyer’s mind, is a superior product and/or worth more than an otherwise comparable property.

Like the analyses that are conducted in large scale developments (see text to the right), a small scale analysis of the materials, toxicity and possible synchronistic toxicities can be engaged in so as to minimise toxins in the new or renovated enclosed space.

Large Scale Development and Hospitality Accreditation

In arenas such as developments and hospitality, Xtox toxicity accreditations of specific room groups or whole-of-building accreditation can give hotel operators the market edge in a population ever more sensitised to the necessity of having a clean environment, whether by preference or necessity.

Hotel operators who are early adopters of hotel accreditation to low-tox standards will be perceived, in the rapidly expanding new marketplace of health conscious individuals, as being the leading edge and superior choice in the accommodation marketplace. Further, low toxicity hospitality rooms open the marketplace to chemically and electrically sensitive individuals that otherwise would not be able to stay as a guest in ordinary hotel rooms. 

A further benefit of hospitality operations that adopt such standards is that they will further differentiate themselves from disruptive competititve influences such as Airbnb, where a uniformity of quality in accommodation cannot be assured.

  • Analysis of building material SDSes / TDSes and HPDs
  • Analysis of non-disclosed “exempt” toxic materials that may nevertheless be present; what is being missed or not disclosed?
  • Evaluation of multiple chemical exposure synchronicities that may occur which can magnify toxic agent effects.