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Xtox caters to a wide range of customers and applications.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of people that can be assisted by Xtox consultations and/or our X-tox product range:

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Your source for health relevant data on your specific indoor environment.


We specialise in evaluating your home for the most toxic and yet often overlooked health threats in your environment.

Tackle the big 3 threats (biological, chemical and EMR–see more information in the adjacent quotes and the videos below) by knowing what you are exposed to.

Prevent health degradation and suffering by removing sources of toxicity before they take their toll: contact us for a home toxicity consultation today.

Health Conscious Home Residents

You’re consciously aware that the decisions that you make can ultimately make or break your health, and that of your family. You avoid toxins where you can, in home products as well as the food that you eat. Perhaps you take supplements, and/or visit the gym or an exercise routine with regularity. Does this sound like you?

Congratulations: you are likely to live longer and with a better quality of life with that attitude. However, are you covering all of the bases? Ignoring one aspect of potential toxic exposure could be to your detriment. Find out more about your environment with Xtox.

Healthy Home and Healthy Office Certifications

Healthy Home and Healthy Office Certifications are designed to give the purchasers, buyers or new tenants of a property the confidence that, on the metrics that Xtox examines, there is a certain performance standard being met, which is quantified or qualified in the situation-specific certification itself. These evaluations pertain to the “big 3” factors discussed on this website.

Xtox can provide certification to toxicity standards that are useful for the real estate buying and selling marketplace, as a low-tox property, in a buyer’s mind, is a superior product and/or worth more than an otherwise comparable property.