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“When we traveled around the world and met with all of the cancer doctors (because we were on a research team trying to find natural cancer therapies); one of the things that a lot of the most successful doctors did, and leading back to the research that I pulled up [dating back to the 1400s through to the 1700s], there weren’t hospitals around and the doctors didn’t have a clinic, doctors always came to your house–they made house calls; and they would look around your house, look at what you were eating; treat you in your house; and so one of the reasons why the doctors that we met with all over the world were so successful with eliminating disease, and eliminating cancer, was because they didn’t spend seven minutes, like doctors do today, with patients, and say “oh what are you suffering from, here’s a prescription drug”; they actually sat down and got to know the patient, asked them what they do at their work environment, asked them about what they do at home, asked them about what they eat, asked them if they were exposed to any chemicals, and they would actually look and try to determine what is the root cause. And all of these doctors that had these high success rates focussed on detoxification and cleansing. And they would go visit the patients home and walk through the home: they would walk through the kitchen and look for anything that’s toxic in there; they would open the refrigerator and look for anything in there that could be causing negative health conditions; then they would go into the bedroom  (which was the number two area of the house which causes sickness) and look and see what’s going on… then they would determine, “is the individual patient causing this problem because of what they’re eating, what they’re drinking, and the environment in which they live? And that’s why it’s so important. And that’s why we were so successful with our clinic over the years.

–Dr. Edward F. Group III, Leading expert in alternative health, bestselling author and Founder,  Global Healing Center.

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