As a health practitioner, this toxic world has you fighting against more and more factors in order to help your patient to restore good health. Of course, chronic conditions will be difficult to heal if you don’t address environmental toxicity factors; especially those that the patient is unwittingly exposed to for most of their life. In such circumstances, it can be very difficult seeing a patient’s health not responding to attempts to restore good health. Finding root causes can be frustrating.

Xtox for Health Practitioners; the whole picture in holistic health


 Xtox for Health Practitioners; the whole picture in holistic health

Xtox offers a comprehensive evaluation of the part of your patient’s life that is hard for you to control. This provides you with the extra knowledge that you need to eliminate toxins in your customer’s environment that you otherwise would not have known about. Eliminating toxins in your patient’s environment thus helps you to achieve better prognoses and reduces the hidden enemies fighting against your therapies.

Suddenly, you can offer a more holistic service that includes otherwise unknown aspects of the patient’s home and/or working life, and thus provide a more resilient path for them towards regaining their good health.

Xtox environmental analyses can include;

  • electromagnetic radiation, RF/microwave to 10 GHz
  • electromagnetic radiation, RF/microwave to 23 GHz optional analysis, and even millimetre wave to 50GHz and beyond
  • electromagnetic radiation, LF/magnetic – electric, DC & upwards
  • Chemical (/other environment) analysis including general formaldehyde readings 
  • Specific material formaldehyde tests to 1 part per billion resolution
  • Total Volatile Organic Compounds assessment
  • Particulate 1,2.5,10 micron air quality analysis
  • Assessment of personal, cleaning, pesticide etc. chemicals used in a specific environment
  • Environmental Mould Analysis (evaluation of conditions such as humidity, thermal insulations and building sealing, HVAC, wall moisture and other building factors)


Xtox to diagnose your patient’s environment


Imagine having all of the data on your patient’s environment at hand; won’t that make your job easier and your efforts more effective?

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